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5 Aug



It’s Not My Problem

18 Jul

Image credit: wallcaptureHD


“Some people thought Ukraine didn’t have anything to do with them. They are now discovering their error,” one senior US official said, adding that this could shatter the view in some European capitals that the conflict was largely contained.” (Stuff)


I am curious as to which European capitals felt that this conflict was largely contained? Which people think the Ukraine has nothing to do with them? Though it is understandable that there are many conflicting and difficult issues at hand in this situation, and this may sway one to employ the head-in-the-sand method, surely no one really thinks that this will all just get swept under the rug as long as we avert our eyes? In the words of Blam Blam Blam’s There is No Depression in New Zealand;


“Oh but everybody’s talking about World War Three,

Yes everybody’s talking about World War Three,

But we’re as safe as safe can be, there’s no unrest in this country”


And yes, there has been some ‘international pressure’ applied to this delicate situation, but perhaps it’s time to look at something more than the proverbial ‘you’re not coming to my birthday party, so there’. I do not advocate for violence in any way, but there is certainly a wide variety of other methods that can be applied. For example, let’s take a look at something that truly draws in eyes the world over, the FIFA World Cup;


“FIFA raises awareness of the need to abolish racism and other forms of discrimination worldwide”

“FIFA promotes the positive benefits of playing by the rules”


Some of you may recall that the host of the 2018 World Cup host will be Russia. FIFA is an international federation that claims social responsibility as a guiding principle, stands strong against discrimination and pushes for fair play. Is not hosting the next World Cup exactly the kind of privilege that should be removed from a country that will not play by the rules?

And not to dismiss the broad issue of discrimination, do people still recall that Russia has something referred to in English as the ‘Russian LGBT Propaganda Law‘? It was designed “for the purpose of protecting children from information advocating for a denial of traditional family values”.


Conflict of interest anyone?

Or just TL:DR?


Name that Song

24 Jun

A doodle I made whilst listening to a popular song that was released in the early noughties by an American band, the video of which features (in addition to the themes expressed in my doodle) a person from another popular and very well-known American band. 10 points if you can name that song.

Fiona, Fruit of My Procrastination

4 Feb

Funny how whenever there’s a pressing deadline for some essay, article or thesis, things like doing the dishes suddenly become pressing, enticing and critically urgent. I never get so much everything done as when I’m supposed to be doing something else.

Unfortunately for this drawing of Fiona, I already met my deadlines, so it’s back in the box for her. If you wish to see some sketches of Fiona Apple that have achieved completion, feel free to visit this post.

Beginners Graffiti

2 Feb

A little while ago I posted about the snow graffiti that seems to have sprung up around town. One day walking home I decided to add my own contribution to a small wall that was as yet untouched. A couple of days later, I went to see if someone had wiped it off yet…

Surprisingly, it was still there, and appears to have collected some friends – contributions of peace, love and smilies. And they say it’s not a good neighbourhood.

Drop It Like It’s Hot

30 Jan

It’s no secret that the sun doesn’t get too high in the sky during winter in the Nordic regions, but just how low it really hangs can be surprising. I captured a quick snap of my shadow in the height of the midday sun to illustrate. As long as it’s light outside, the height of the sun doesn’t usually warrant much attention, unless of course you’re driving.

That bright, flaming ball sitting low, low, low and hitting the frosty fog straight on may not be the most conducive to your ride. If you’re on foot however, you’ll be more inclined to enjoy the glint of those horizontal rays bouncing off the crisp, white snow.

Duck Park

28 Jan

There aren’t currently too many ducks at Duck Park in Tampere, but you might want to stop by anyway. Situated in the city between a university and a high school, you will most likely spot some students – they’re the ones sauntering through the snow in their canvas shoes with their jackets undone, flapping in the wind that provides a chill factor of -19C (-2.2F). Some will be wearing hats, you can always spot those ones at school, because the hats don’t come off even in the balmy 23C (73.5F) of the centrally heated classrooms.

Duck Park is a nice stop for a little auditory and visual relief. The sights are nothing short of inspirational, as I’m sure the designer of the kelohonka print must have had their sights on similar views when creating the design.



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